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RSC CAMBRIDGE INDEX Virtual Laboratory             Manual Scientific Calculator   2nd Sci Cal    SPD PT  H-Kr
Solubility Tested    Here too Calculated RMM spdf of all elements in PT      See Electrons PT Elements MP & BP    Brilliant Video Demos
Channel 4 Clipbank * Periodic Table         ELEMENTS SONG IUPAC Nomenclature Quadratic Solver    Lecture demos
Significant Figures Flame Tests              3D Structures Common Oxidation States PT Photo Gallery    More lecture demos
Drag and drop Molecules Good Collection of Video Shorts Large selection of Video Shorts What's happening in Chemistry?  

 Lecture Slides

2,4-DNP Table Chemistry comes alive      ANIMATION - HABER
pH Scale   Another  Natural Indicators        WebCast Demos
HCl + NaOH reaction Standard Reduction Potentials Blast Furnace GLC & Mass Spectrometry    More VideoDems
HCl dissocation in H2O Make your own EC cell Zinc from Zinc Blende Visible Spectrum    Electromagnetic    Organic Laboratory UCLA
NH3 dissocation in H2O Same - change concentration Thermite underwater    Another Ther Mass Spectrometer    Organic Theory Berkely
HF dissociation in H2O Cu/Zn Galvanic Cell       ANOTHER ORGANIC Mass Spec Tutorial    Basic laboratory Tech
Reading a Meniscus Making batteries S'cast      Greener Industry
CH3COOH dissocation in H2O Cu/H2 Galvanic Cell Organic Mechanisms Mass Spectrometer Exercise    Fun: Make a ball
HNO2 dissocation in H2O Zn/H2 Galvanic Cell       ANOTHER Song: Homologous Series Spectrophotomer    Fun: Chemistry in Song
Acetic Acid Buffer Dry Cell Battery Fawley Oil Refinery    Oil Platform Spec concentration    Chemistry Tutorials
NH3 + HCl = NH4Cl salt Car Battery One   Two Representing Compds Tutorial Infra Red   Stretch     Bend    Live Chem Lab T Metals
A2 Titration Graph     Titration Simu Flash Light One    Two Alkanes - Physical  Props - Tutorial 48 separate nmr spectra    Chemistry Film Studio
Aqueous Acids   Webcast Electrochemical Cell 1   Worksheet Stereochemistry Tutorial NMR and PT    Virtual Experiments
Aqueous Bases  Webcast Electrochemical Cell 2 Naming Organic molecules    Thermit + Jelly Beans +  
Lewis Acid Base   Webcast     Applet Electrochemical Cell 3 All the MECHANISMS      Soda and mentos    Solids
Lewis Acid Base   Screencast Electrochemical Cell 4 CH4 Molecule  Burning CH4 bubbles      Amino Acid Basics
Strength Conjugate pairs S'Cast Redox Exchange Zn/Cu Ethane Molecule      Stratospheric Ozone
Acid-base titration Redox Pb/Ag But-2-ene       CIS    TRANS STATES OF MATTER    CFCs & Ozone
Intro to  Acids   and Bases
Common pH Indicators
Electrolysis GCSE 2-methypropan-2-ol      Catalytic Distruction
Conductivity of Solutions Methane molecule rotation States of Matter    Aurora borealis
Titration Simulation - Interactive Gain or Lose Electrons  Webcast Writing a condensed structural formula Phases in water    Photoelectric Effect
  Electroplating  Webcast Alkanes Physical Properties Phase change    Becker Demos
  Formation of Ag crystals Cycloalkanes Start here - click blue tv    Small scale experiments
ATOMS & MOLECULES   Aldehydes & Ketones Tutorial Solids Liquids GASES    Fuels in cars
Electronic structures   Amines Tutorial Physical Characteristics of Gases    Flammable Gas
H   Tritium  He   Li   Be   N   O    F   Stratospheric Ozone     Webcast Reduce gas's volume    Einstein's Legacy
Proton      Silicon atom to scale   CFCs & Ozone      Webcast Change of State   Webcast    Atomic Spectra
Brownian M   What Brown saw   Benzene   Phenol  Viagra  Heroin Solids Close Packing Webcast    Dangerous Chemistry
Diffusion 1   Diffusion 2   Diffusion 3 ELECTROLYSIS LUCAS Test for Alcohols - 9 Slides Conductivity  Webcast    
Diffusion of Bromine Gas CuSO4        Various metals in solution Optical Isomers  Webcast Heating-Cooling Curves    
Electron Configuration   Another Of H2SO4 and HCl Heating Curve     
Rutherford  Atom      Webcast Electrolysis of water Optical Activity  Webcast Solids  SC  BCC  CAP    
Rutherford Experiment   Reaction Mechanisms Density of materials    
Atomic Notation      Isotopes   Carbocation Rearragements Tutorial 3D Structures    
Bohr Model   The Bohr Atom   Better
Bohr Model
EQUILIBRIA SN1 and SN2  Another SN1  SN2           Again SN2      Tutorials
Quantum Numbers  Screencast   SN1/2 Tutorial THERMOCHEMISTRY   Protein Structure
Orbital Shapes    Electron shielding Dynamic Equilibrium Carbocation Rearrangements Calorimeter   and  Heats of Reaction   Web Spectra
Atomic Structure Hist   Screencast NO2 Equilibrium Halide Exchange Chemical Bonds forming   Notes    
Line Spectra    H Line Spec     Better Crab apple analogy   Vapour/Liquid Benzene Electrophilic Substitution Tutorial Breaking & Making  Screencast    
Atomic Spectra     Screencast Vapour/liquid   screencast Computational Organic Bomb Calorimeter  &  Hess's Law    
Gas Behavoiur pH Meter    Notes Ozone story cartoon Bomb Calorimeter Detailed  
Effective nuclear charge Equilibrium Yield Kekule's Dream  Screencast Heat Cap & Spec Heat   Screencast    
Gas Particles    Gas Properties Equilibrium Calculations Screencast Computational Organic Tutorial Thermochem Definitions Screencast    
Ice Melts Diffusion Dynamic Equib Cycloalkanes Tutorial Hess's Law     Screencast    
Quantum Numbers      S'cast Gibbs Free Energy Amines Tutorial Combustion of Hydrocarbon    
Atomic Molecular Orbitals Le Chatelier Isomerism    Chirality     Optical Act Exothermic & Endothermic & EA   Databases
Electrons/Light De Brog S'cast Le Chatelier     Webcast Boiling points of organics Exothermic H2 explosion   Spectral Data for Organics
Electronic Configuration Screencast Temp dependent Equib  Webcast Test for alkenes Heat of Reaction Inorganic   Data Reference
spd & quantum no Webcast Acid Ionisation S/W Organic Techniques Exc Enthalpy   Screencast   UI Colour pH Chart
Effective Nuclear Charge  Wcast Common ion Effect    Screencast Laboratory Techniques from MIT
 & More here from MIT
Enthalpy of Solution    
Electron Configuration  Webcast pH Buffers   Notes      More Buffers Catalytic Cracking Dissolution of NaCl    
Isotopes Buffers                 Screencast Test for C=C  with Br2 & KMnO4 Heat of Neutralisation     Notes    
Energy Levels - Quantum Theory Bromine Liq/Gas Test for unsaturated fat Heat of Neutralisation 2  Notes2    
Pressure - a product of CoCl2 in Water Br2 destroys carotene - Elect Addn Heat of Reaction    
mass and collision freq NO2 vs  N2O4 Proteins & AAs  Webcast Hess's Law    
Mass Speed Pressure Gas Water Equilibria Oxidation 1o 2o 3o Alcohols Ionisation Energies  Webcast    
Stats of H-H bond forming Base Equilibria  Webcast Disappearing Cup  Screencast Electron Affinity  Webcast    
Solids -  particles vibrating (T) Neutral Indicators   Webcast   Heat of Solution   Notes3    
Dissolving Solutions Connect Kinetics to Equilibrium Haloalkanes   1st     2nd    3rd  Heat Transfer      Notes4    
Photoelectric Effect - metals Dissociation  CO2   Carbonyls 2,4-DNP Dissolution of salt in water    
Diameter of a Molecule Quadratic solver Carbonyls - Nucleo Addn Bisulphite Solvation    Screencast    
Henry's Law O2 into water Stratosphere Ozone  Webcast Enthalpy Puzzle    
  Equilibrium  R + R  =  B CFCs & Ozone  Webcast Try questions with support    Instruct  
MIXTURES & COMPOUNDS N2O4 = 2NO2     Webcast Cat Destruction O3    Webcast Dissolving NaCl   Webcast    
  Dissolving Mg(OH)2  Webcast Fehlings - Aldehydes Energy in Foods  Screencast  
 Fe and S  Webcast Calculating Kp and Kc Silver Mirror - Aldehydes Salt Hydrolysis   Screencast    
P Chromatography Webcast Carry out an Acid/Base Titration Shiff's Reagent - Aldehydes Converting energy in a sweet
using  KClO4  catalyst Screencast
  Another interactive titration Carboxylic Acid with Mg Energy from explosives S'cast    
BONDING Strong acid - Weak Base Titration Esterification (H+ catalyst) Energy Definitions  Screencast    
H2 Bonding    Webcast AS Weak acid - Strong Base Titration Surfactant Molecules  Webcast Gibbs:  Screencast 1  and  s'cast 2    
NaCl Lattice   NaCl Dissolving Buffer solutions Iodoform Reaction - Test Spontaneous S'cast?    
Ionic Compunds Titration Techniques (pics only) Percent Yield Spontaneous vs Nonspontaneous    
Ionic NaCl              Conductivity Acid Base Equilibria   Screencast Polystyrene Processing Gibbs Free Energy    
Forming a Double Bond Weak Acid Equilibria Preparation of Nylon 6 (Perlon) Gibbs Applet    Implications of G    
Graphite          Diamond Dissolution Mg(OH)2 in acid Preparation of Bakelite Henry's Law    
Bonding in solids   Screencast   Polymer Science TITRATIONS    
Intermolecular   Screencast   Azo Coupling      
Lewis Dot Diagram GAS LAWS Azo Dyes Diazotation Virtual Chemistry Lab    
CO2 molecule        H2O Molecule Soda and mentos Nylon Synthesis Neutralisation titration    
NH3 Molecule       CH4 Molecule Gas - Temperature influence Isomerism Webcast pH indicator titration    
PF5 Trigonal Bipyrimidal Gas Diffusion     Evaporative cooling Nylon  Webcast pH curves    
SF6 Octohedral Motion of a gas molecule Alpha Helix     Another Alpha Helix      
VSEPR database      VSEPR Again Celcius Farenheight Kelvin Peptide Bond  Beta Sheet  2nd Beta      
VSEPR  Webcast Properties of gases   Screencast Peptide Bond          Peptide Synthesis      
Anion Puzzle Gas Laws   Screencast Proteins & AAs     Webcast    
Cation Puzzle KE in Gases Proteins and AAs Applet      
Formal Charge   Webcam PV Relationships Enzyme catalysis  Protein Folding      
Dissolving NaCl in water Boltzmann      
Conductivity of Solutions Liquid N2 Explosion! What are orbitals?    
Representing Molecules Wcast Boyle's Law PT Trends Atomic Radii  Webcast  
Electrolytes & Non  Webcast Boyles Law 1   2  3  Webcast PT Trends IE  Webcast      
Strong & Weak Electro  Wcast Charles Law 1   2 PT Trends EA   Webcast      
Hybridization  Webcast Gas Laws Pressure Chamber PT Acid Base of Oxides  Webcast      
Intermolecular Forces Vapour Pressure PT Common Oxid States  Webcam      
Van der Waals -  London Forces Ideal Atmosphere        
Hydrogen Bonding Webcast  App Ideal Gas Behaviour  
                       Non-ideal behaviour
Peptide Bond Ideal Gas Law Screencast        
Orbitals Tutorial Application of Ideal Equation Collection of animations    
H2 Bond Formation Gas Diffusion Atomic Absorption      
Writing Lewis Structures Airbag Technology  Webcast Gas Chromatography      
Formal Charges Work of Gas Pressure  Webcast        
Molecular Forces Prove Gas Laws Elements MP & BP      
Enthalpy of Reaction Accuracy     Precicision     Both Electronegativity   Notes      
Detailed Bonding Airbags Periodicity      
Intermolecular Force Influences   Periodicity 2      
  HEALTH & SAFETY Period Table spd electrons      
  Crossword Atomic Radii      
CALCULATIONS Lots of PT applets here      
Balancing Formulae   Jigsaw Periodic Table Puzzle      
Balancing Equations  Screencast INORGANIC CHEMISTRY Periodicity Atomic Radii      
Balanced equation  Interactive Blast Furnace Gain and Loss of electrons      
Mole Calculations  Screencast Reactivity Series  W/S Ionization Energy      
Acid Base Titration Formation of Water  Webcast Periodicity I. E.      
Significant Figures Test fo Reducing Agent Electron Affinity      
Moles of atoms in metal Properties of Halogens  Webcast Periodicity E.A.      
Percent Water in CuSO4xH2O  Notes Copper Amine Complex Summary of Atomic Properties      
Combustion Reacting Mass H2SO4 as Oxid Agent X2  Webcast Periodicity: Acid-base of Oxides    
Combustion Limiting Redox of Halogens  Webcast Periodicity: Lewis Structures    
Limiting Reactant Complex Ions    Screencast Periodicity: Electronegativity     Look for helpful sources here!
Percent Yield Qualitative Analysis  Screencast REACTIONS      
Law of Multiple proportions  Webcast Properties of the Halogens        
Acid Base Titration         Notes Flame Tests            Thermite S'cast Different kinds   Screencast      
Titration 2 H2SO4 as an oxidising agent See also the "Webcasts" Section to RHS      
Limiting Reagent   Webcast Sodium + Water       Potassium fire Limiting Reagent      
Making up stock solution  Webcast TMs Coordination Number Reactions of Oxygen  Webcast      
Solution by dilution  Webcast


Reactant - Products Moles      
Using Balanced Equation Screencast Decompostion AgO Precipitation BaSO4      
Limiting Reagent   Screencast KINETICS H2SO4 Dehydrating Agent - 4p      
Empirical Formula Deter  Screencast Effective Collisions Same dehydration Screencast      
Polyatomic Ions  Screencast Kinetics Introduction   Screencast In the Gas Phase      
Water in a Hydrate Marble Chips Fermentation      
  KE affected by Temp & Mass H2SO4 dehydrating sugar 30+         100+      30+     10+    
  KE of Gases     Webcast Na and K with Water Webcast      
  Molecular Collisions Decomposition CuCO3 Chemiluminescence Video    
  Collisions Good-Bad Reactions with Oxygen Oscillating Reaction    
  Elastic Collisions Thermite Second Oscillating Reaction    
Colligative Properties H2O molecules collide Precipitation reactions Surfactant Molecules  Webcast    
  Rate Law   Screencast   Nuclear alpha beta gamma  Wcast    
Raoult's Law  Screencast First Order  Webcast   1st Applet Formation of AlBr3  Webcast Evaporative Cooling    
Dalton's Law of pp  Screencast Initial Rates     Molecular Level Thermite Displacement Webcast Various Science Crosswords    
BP Elev & FP Dep  Screencast Rate of Reaction Reaction of Na and Cl2   Webcast Water Cycle    
Phase Diagrams  Screencast Activation Energy  Arrhenius Equ Flame Tests   Webcast Carbon Cycle    
Solubility CO2 in Sprite Bimolecular Collision O3 + NO Sugar Dehyd with H2SO4  Webcast Global Warming    
  Mechanism of Catalyst Precipitation Reactions  Webcast nitrogen cycle flash    
  Mechanism H2 + Br2 = 2HBr Rb and Cs with water  Screencast Ozone story cartoon    
DISPLACEMENT Mechanism Catalyst C2H2 + H2 Test for Hydrogen Screencast Elements song - the lyrics!    
  Mechanism Cat 2NO2 = N2 + O2 Formations AlBr3 webcast The Element Song    
Mg displacing Hydrogen   Fuels in cars    
Mg burns well in steam Reaction Profiles EA        ANOTHER   Radioactivity Screencast    
  Examine change [P] & [R] with T REDOX CHEMISTRY Phase changes  Screencast    
  Plot your own graph here   Nomenclature   Screencast    
  1st Order Kinetics    2nd Order       RSC 2nd Oxidation-reduction reactions Naming Molecules  Screencast    
  Material undergoing decay    Graph Gain and Loss of electrons Ksp Sat Solutions Screencast    
  Surface Reaction in Hydrogenation Reduction of CuO      
  Kinetic Theory       Elastic Collisions Gain or Lose Electrons  Webcast The Carbon Cycle    
Elements Compds  Mixtures Kinetics Colisions SOLUTIONS Chromatography    
  Boltzmann 1     Boltzmann 2 Oxidation Reduction Screencast      
Mixtures and Compds webcast Boltzmann 3     Boltzmann 4 Oxidation P2  Webcast  
  Kinetic Molecular Theory  Screencast Silver (I) and Cu  Webcast Reaction Mechanisms  Screencast    
  Rates of Reaction Tin(II) and Zinc Webcast      
  Bimolecular reactions VOLTAIC CELLS Density calculations    
Paper Chromatography webcast Catalysis Zn/Cu cell movements Significant Figures    
  TYPES OF REACTION Miscellaneous EC cells Multiple Proportions    
  Red + Yellow = Blue + Green Assigning Oxidation States MilliKan Oil Drop    
Components of a solution Enzyme Lock & Key          Funny Version Redox Zn/Cu      
Forming solution from solid 1st Order Kinetics  Webcast Redox Pb/Ag Atmospheric Layers    
  Bimolecular Reaction   Webcast Redox Titration Stratospheric Ozone    
  Kinetics Practical Demos Redox Mystery CFCs and Ozone    
  With worksheets Reduction of CuO   Webcast CO2 acts as acid in rain    
  Iodine Clock Electrolysis of Water  Webcast Surfactant Molecules    
  Cola Beer Reaction Reactions with Oxygen  Webcast Nuclear Chemistry S'cast    
  'Old Nassau' Reaction Reaction of Halogens  Webcast      
  EMF of Cell Predicted      
  Making up stock solution  webcast      
  Diluting Solution    webcast      
  H2SO4 as Oxid Agent  Webcast      
  Blast Furnace      

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